Rhino Tank Impact Durability

The Rhino tank is tougher than the traditional steel tank options. The Rhino Water Tank is a tough bolted steel tank covered with a thermally bonded epoxy coating for higher impact durability. Highly corrosion and chemical-resistant, this tank is virtually resilient to on-site damage and exceeds coating requirements. The Rhino Tank is available in a range of colours with no additional surcharge in green, desert sand, blue, red, brown.

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Corrugated Steel Tanks

The Rhino Water Tank is well suited for storing a wide variety of liquid chemicals, with a pH suitability of 2-11 and temperatures of up to 60°C. Because the Rhino Tank is UV-stabilized, these tanks are suitable for temperate, humid and even abrasive desert conditions. The Rhino Tank is suited for a wide variety of storage requirements; from potable water, municipal sludge, anaerobic digestion, demineralized water and many more applications.

A full range of optional extras is available, including roofing, access ladders, staircases, rest and working platforms and walkways.